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Man Working in Canada Sends Over Sh147 Million To His Wife to Build a Mansion, Only Finds a Mud-Walled House Upon His Return


A man from Kisi Kenya, known as Ongiri, returned from Canada and found out that the funds he had been sending home for the construction of hisdream house had been squandered.

Ongiri was taken aback to find an unfinished mud-walled structure, a far cry from the magnificent home his hard-earned money was supposed to build.

Despite having sent huge amounts of money for the construction project, Ongiri was confronted not with a beautiful home, but with a harsh symbol of shattered dreams.

Ongiri had placed his trust in his wife, believing her to be a reliable custodian of their shared aspirations. He admitted to having complete faith in her, to the extent of excluding his mother from their financial dealings.

However, the reality that greeted him upon his return laid bare the deceit that had been hidden all along.

Ongiri’s disappointment was evident as he tried to confront his wife, only to be met with evasion and silence.

His questions about the status of their home and the funds he had sent were left unanswered, forcing him to come to terms with his wife’s duplicity.

In a video capturing a moment of raw emotion, Ongiri’s wife admitted to misleading him about the progress of the house by sending him pictures of a neighbor’s construction site. Her confession shattered the illusion of trust, leaving Ongiri to face the painful truth of betrayal.

Despite the heartbreak, Ongiri remains steadfast in his resolve to recover what was wrongfully taken from him.

He pledged to seek justice and retrieve the misappropriated funds, vowing to rebuild his life from the wreckage of broken promises.

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