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Masaka City Considers Sanitation Competitions to Combat Poor Hygiene



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Local leaders are contemplating the implementation of sanitation contests at both school and household levels in response to the prevalent issue of poor hygiene in Masaka City. Michael Mulindwa Nnakumusana, the Chairperson for Nyendo-Mukungwe Division, revealed this initiative, highlighting its aim to inspire communities to enhance their overall cleanliness standards.

Nnakumusana emphasized the significance of integrating hygiene education into school curriculums, emphasizing that improving hygiene must begin at the grassroots level. Despite previous efforts to mobilize communities towards better hygiene practices, progress has been slow, necessitating the exploration of innovative strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

The proposal includes offering incentives such as prioritizing schools with exemplary sanitation facilities and providing a one-year education sponsorship to a family whose child excels in community sanitation competitions. Nnakumusana unveiled these plans during the installation ceremony of the Buganda cultural Parish Chief of Mukudde zone in Nyendo-Ssenyange division, Masaka City.

The sanitation contests will assess various aspects, including proper solid waste management at households, schools, and community levels, as well as the ability to repurpose garbage effectively. Additionally, maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings will be a key criterion for evaluation.

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Furthermore, the division council is contemplating collaboration with the Buganda Kingdom’s leadership to launch joint campaigns aimed at improving community sanitation. Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, the Member of Parliament for Nyendo-Mukungwe Division, stressed the importance of fostering a culture of community service among local leaders to uphold hygiene standards.

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Nsamba urged stakeholders, including school administrators, local government officials, and cultural leaders, to address emerging social issues like drug abuse, which pose threats to the future well-being of society.

During the installation ceremony, Sande Kasujja assumed the role of the Buganda representative in Mukudde Parish, pledging to promote unity and instill values of discipline and hard work among the youth. Jude Muleke, the Buddu County Chief (Pokino), emphasized the need for integrity and commitment among parish chiefs in fulfilling their responsibilities.

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