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Mbale City Recruitment Process Halted by IGG Over Alleged Corruption


Deputy Inspector General of Government Anne Twinomugisha Muhairwe, who has halted Mbale City staff recruitment.

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The Inspectorate of Government (IG) has ordered the halting of staff appointments in Mbale City in response to allegations of irregularities and corruption in the recruitment process. The Deputy Inspector General of Government (IGG), Ms. Anne Twinomugisha Muhairwe, issued a directive to the Mbale City Clerk to suspend the issuance of appointment letters to newly recruited staff pending investigation into the matter.

The decision came after the IG received a complaint alleging irregularities and corruption in the recruitment process conducted by the Mbale City Service Commission. Ms. Twinomugisha’s letter, dated March 5, ordered the suspension of appointment letters until the completion of the investigation or further directives from the IG office under relevant constitutional and legal provisions.

Additionally, the secretary of the City Service Commission has been instructed to provide all relevant information and documents related to the recruitment process to aid in the investigation. These documents include declarations of vacancies, advertisements, received applications, candidate shortlists, interview score sheets, and commission meeting minutes.

Officials from Mbale City have been summoned to a meeting at the IG head office in Kampala on March 11 to address the allegations and provide explanations. The meeting will involve various stakeholders, including the resident city commissioner, mayor, chairperson and members of the City Service Commission, district and city inspector of schools, and the city education officer.

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The recruitment exercise in Mbale City, which advertised vacancies for various positions, sparked controversy and allegations of fraudulent practices. Locals and applicants raised concerns about irregularities and called for investigations into what they perceived as a flawed recruitment process.

Simon Mauso, a retired teacher, highlighted complaints from the public regarding officials soliciting bribes from job applicants, urging a review of the commission staff’s suitability for their positions. Rogers Kimaswa, Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Mbale City, echoed concerns about corruption in the recruitment process, citing reports of job purchases.

Retired nurse Justine Namakoye called for investigations by anti-corruption units and law enforcement agencies into alleged extortion by Mbale City officials. Musa Kasajja, the Mbale Industrial City speaker, welcomed the IG’s intervention, emphasizing the importance of addressing corruption allegations promptly.

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