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Meek Mill Faces Online Backlash After Bold $100 Million Claim


Meek Mill has gotten himself caught in the crossfire of online Shenanigans after he started engaging with fans who questioned whether he’d really made $100 million over the course of his career the drama began on Thursday January 25th when the dreams and nightmares rapper made the audacious claim on X formerly

Twitter I made over 100 m in my life I feed my community my family and change laws that send black and brown men to prison systematically and I’ve been on a 10-year success rate of the % of black men why should they listen to you LOL he wrote when a fan questioned the

Authenticity of the claim the Philly native doubled down why are people so judgmental with nothing going on in their lives positive I need answers it’s some real crab in the barrel people pushing this tear your own people down narrative it’s like looting your own Community focusing on yourself is very

Rewarding this isn’t the first time that Meek has found himself in the crossfire of online mess last week Meek took to X to ask what he thought was an innocent enough question do a lot of people play my music in South Africa I remember having on Big Show there sick few years

Back how do y’all listen to our music in South Africa on what platform or in Nigeria he asked the responses were Swift and brutal with many African fans feeling slighted by Meek’s implication that the continent was regressive and behind the times in technology well it depends on the season

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In summer we hear it through the trunk of an elephant in Spring the giraffes catch signal and play it out loud you get me wrote One commenter normally we use rocks but on a good day we use trees or we get one person to sing for the whole

Village wrote another user on a good day we climb the mountain to listen to the forest play your music on days when it’s rainy we go down the nearest river and a mermaid comes out to sing your songs we have only one computer here in my

Village so it was my turn to tweet praying hands Emoji we hear from me next year read another com

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