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Megan Thee Stallion’s New Single Hiss Sparks Controversy, Joe Budden Believes It’s Aimed at Him


Joe Button is convinced Megan the stallion sent astray his way among the many co lyrics on her massive new single his the rapper and podcaster spoke on the Joe Button show about the new song saying I’ve been scraping my head all morning trying to figure out who been

Dancing to our Kelly recently then it hit me like a bag of bricks well my girl told me that was us he added with a laugh don’t quote me but I think that she’s dissing us the line in question goes I can never be judged by a that was dancing making our

Kelly go viral his has been jinning up a ton of controversy since it was released on Friday January 26th it was also assumed that the Cobra rapper took a shot at Drake on the song during the second verse of her new single the Houston Dynamo WS these Eng

Gas hate on BBL and be walking around with the same scars SL real curvy no edging and gas fight to get in my section slash don’t speak on my body count if the dick ain’t worth coming back for seconds she adds cosplay gangsters fake ass accents SL posted in another engga H

Like a bad hip-hop media types and fans alike immediately began speculating who the Bars were directed at and focused in on one superstar in particular why they saying Meg tried to respond to Drake W These Bars academics asked in an Instagram post on Friday January 26th y’all think these meant for the

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Goat or na he added using the goat Emoji one user commented on Megan’s official Instagram post of the single the way you whacked a couple of people we running it back again and again another account simply added gag that Canadian Tina snow called into The Breakfast Club this

Morning to clarify who the song is about it’s for these and hoes and ho alike men or women she said every time one of these uses Megan these St name they get 24 hours of attention basically I understand what y’all doing and I want y’all to get up

Off me use something else do something different use another tactic this one getting

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