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Minister Balaam Joins Hunt for Woman Filmed Torturing Baby, Offers 2m Reward – The Black Examiner



  • The Minister of State for Children and Youth Affairs, Balaam Barugahare, is actively seeking the arrest of a woman filmed torturing a baby in Seeta, Uganda. He has offered a reward for information leading to her apprehension.

The Minister of State for Children and Youth Affairs, alongside law enforcement, is actively pursuing a woman captured on video torturing a baby. Minister Balaam Barugahare is adamant about the apprehension of this woman, who remains unidentified as of Friday morning and is believed to reside in Seeta, Mukono district.

In the disturbing footage filmed by a neighbor, the woman is seen subjecting the infant to severe physical abuse, striking the baby repeatedly with a stick before cruelly standing on the child’s stomach. The infant, estimated to be between 5 and 7 months old, is clearly in distress.

Minister Balaam Barugahare has offered a reward of Shs. 2 million for any information that leads to the arrest of the perpetrator. Urging citizens to report any leads to the nearest Uganda Police station or call toll-free at 999, he emphasized the imperative of combating such heinous acts of child abuse in line with Uganda’s constitutional provisions safeguarding children’s rights to health, education, and protection from exploitation.

While the police have yet to provide updates on the progress of their search, Minister Balaam confirmed that the woman remained at large as of Friday morning.

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