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Morning pains and causes of morning pains


Morning pains and causes of morning pains

Do you feel pain or stiffness in your body when you wake up in the morning? Does your pain last more than half an hour? Experts point out that a feeling of stiffness lasting more than half an hour and pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night may be one of the first symptoms of a serious disease. Anadolu Health Center Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Prof. Dr. Semih Akı gives information about morning body aches and their causes.

Waking up with pain in the morning

If a person wakes up with back and waist pain in the morning, first of all, it is necessary to distinguish well: Is it the pain or stiffness felt when you wake up in the morning? Patients often confuse these two. The difference is very important because if the patient talks about stiffness when standing up, an underlying disease should be considered. It is accepted that the possibility of a disease causing stiffness is quite high, apart from any effects or factors related to the bed structure or physical environment. The duration of detention is also considered an important criterion. If stiffness lasts more than half an hour, it may indicate a disease. In such a case, any rheumatic disease must be investigated.

What is detention?

Seizing; movement limitation. In detention; Until the person gets out of bed and washes his face, his joints do not work very well and his movements feel somewhat restricted. In healthy people, the feeling of stiffness disappears in a very short time. It occurs mostly in the neck, waist and back area, as well as in the hands. On the other hand, waking up in the middle of the night with pain may also be a sign of rheumatic diseases. If the patient wakes up with pain shortly after sleeping, it may be caused by an infectious disease, cancer or arthritis. These three must be investigated.

How to distinguish pain?

There is a simple definition that differentiates pain. If pain occurs due to mechanical reasons or physical strain, this is usually a pain that increases with movement and decreases with rest. Pain resulting from serious diseases is arousing from sleep and increases during rest. If there is a pain that wakes you up from sleep and the feeling of stiffness in the body lasts more than half an hour after waking up, you should definitely consult a physician.

The most important criteria for healthy sleep

  • Mattress that does not conform to your body shape
  • Pillow of appropriate hardness and height

One of the most important reasons for waking up tired is poor sleep quality. One of the most important reasons for poor sleep quality is that the mattress is not suitable for the body. If the person’s body does not sink into the bed when lying down, that is, if the bed does not take the shape of the patient’s body, this is ideal hardness. Silicone mattresses used in recent years are also healthy in terms of distributing the pressure on the body, but not everyone may be satisfied with these mattresses.
The most important criteria in choosing a pillow are appropriate hardness and height. The hardness of the pillow may vary from person to person, so it is not possible to say anything specific. The person can use the pillow of whatever hardness he/she is comfortable with.
In terms of height; The height that can fill the gap between the shoulder and neck area when the patient lies on his side is an ideal height, but this is valid for healthy people. Pillows of certain shapes are recommended for people with neck discomfort.

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