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MTN Uganda extends support to Nottingham Trent Skilling Center


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | On March.07, MTN Uganda, through its charitable arm, the MTN Foundation, made a significant donation of tailoring, baking, and hairdressing equipment, alongside other vital resources valued at Shs 17 million to the Nottingham Trent Skilling Center.

This contribution marks a critical phase in the partnership with the Tusitukire Wamu Development Association, highlighting MTN Uganda’s commitment under its “Ambition 2025” strategy to foster digital innovation for national progress.

The partnership embodies the strategy’s theme, “Together, We’re Unstoppable,” and demonstrates a profound commitment to community empowerment and technological advancement. The donation is part of the MTN Changemakers program, launched in July of the previous year to bolster grassroots projects with a significant impact on their communities.

The Nottingham Trent Skilling Center, supported by this initiative, is an emblem of transformation and empowerment. Operated by the Tusitukire Wamu Development Association, the center provides essential skills training in tailoring, baking, and hairdressing to over 300 individuals, focusing on school dropouts, teenage mothers, youths, persons with disabilities, and disadvantaged boys.

Zakiyu Kikomeko, representing MTN Uganda said MTN’s collaboration with the Tusitukire Wamu Development Association is a clear indication of its commitment to community development and empowerment.

The foundation has earmarked Shs 500 million to support 25 Changemakers initiatives across Uganda’s five sub-regions.

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