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NAGRC Challenges Otafiire’s Claims in Njeru Stock Farm Land Ownership


NAGRC opposes Shs76b pay to Otafiire for Njeru land
PHOTO — The Spy Uganda — NAGRC has Opposed UGX 76 Billion Pay to Otafiire for Njeru Land

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The National Genetic and Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC & DB) has raised concerns about the proposed compensation of $19,694,539 (Shs76b) to General Kahinda Otafiire, the Internal Affairs Minister, regarding the land housing Njeru Stock Farm in Buikwe District. Minister Otafiire asserts ownership of the land and has threatened to evict the government from the 100-acre piece if compensation is not provided.

The controversy surrounding the ownership of the land hosting Njeru Stock Farm has intensified with Minister Otafiire’s claims. According to him, the land was purchased from Christopher Lule, and he insists on his ownership rights. On January 19, Minister Otafiire visited the facility and ordered the arrest of Dr. Carol Wabule, the farm manager, accusing her of trespassing.

However, NAGRC, responsible for managing the stock farm on behalf of the government, disputes Minister Otafiire’s claims. They argue that Christopher Lule, who purportedly sold the land to the Minister, has no legal ownership rights in the area. Legal representatives of NAGRC highlight fraudulent activities surrounding Mr. Lule’s claims, including forged court orders and signatures.

NAGRC contests Minister Otafiire’s compensation demand, emphasizing the absence of a valuation report to justify the claimed amount. They assert that the Minister failed to pay for the land and didn’t provide evidence of a legitimate transaction. Moreover, the terms of the alleged sale agreement lack clarity regarding the consideration for the land.

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Responding to the Attorney General’s letter dated December 22, 2023, which informed NAGRC&DB about Minister Otafiire’s intention to sue the government, further details emerged. The Minister claimed financial losses due to NAGRC’s refusal to vacate the land, which he purportedly bought on August 8, 2014.

It appears that Minister Otafiire’s notice to the Attorney General coincided with a previous eviction notice issued through legal channels. NAGRC explains that Christopher Lule and Fredrick Kato Lukwajju, claiming ownership rights, faced legal setbacks in their pursuit of land titles.

Allegations of forged court orders and documents emerge in the dispute. The attempt to alter land titles and leases through fraudulent means is highlighted, causing confusion and legal complications.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, actions were taken to reverse the fraudulent orders issued by the courts. The acknowledgment of forgery by relevant authorities led to corrective measures being undertaken.

Gen Otafiire maintains his stance, alleging investigations into the land by government bodies. He questions NAGRC’s lease status and suggests ongoing scrutiny into the matter.

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