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Nakaseke District Chairman has forced P.7 teachers to sit for PLE exams


Nakaseke district chairman Ignatious Koomu has forced 40 primary teachers from 15 schools that performed poorly in the 2023 PLE examinations in the district to conduct mock examinations that students took last year.

It aims to identify the root causes of the poor performance of students in their final examinations. The teachers conducted the exams at Nakaseke Technical Institute in Butalangu. Nakaseke district seated 4,712 P.7 students, of whom 2,559 were girls and 2,153 were boys.

604 students passed first grade, 2,683 passed second grade, 708 third grade, 339 fourth grade, 245 failed and 133 who were registering for the examination did not appear.

Koomu said Nakaseke has well-trained teachers but there have been many questions about the increasing number of children failing the PLE exams especially science subjects.

The committee said it will not stop here and that they will soon re-work the PLE questions that students sat last year

Koomu said while the district has decided to use these teachers for testing, it is the responsibility of principals and school boards to ensure that children get what they deserve during their time at school.

The teachers who sat the examination were from Kikamulo R/c Primary School, Butiikwa Project P/S, Magoma Orthodox P/S and Good One P/S.


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