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Nelly and Ashanti Spark Pregnancy Rumors Amid Performances


At the end of last year us reported that Nelly and Ashanti were expecting their first child together claiming that a source close to the pair shared the exciting news neither of them have confirmed these reports though Ashanti did put her hand over her stomach during a performance in December seemingly

Indicating a growing bump Nelly did the same before the couple broke out into laughter leaving fans to speculate since then Ashanti has been stepping out in some stunning yet uncharacteristically oversized f recently for example she performed with J Rule in a Loosely fitting t-shirt now she’s been spotted once

Again at an event wearing a look that would conveniently obscure any signs that a little one is on the way Nelly and Ashanti get wild in Miami the event in question was hosted in Miami yesterday February 2nd in honor of the 10th anniversary of E1 even the love

Birds graced the stage performing hits like body on me and more Ashanti rocked a bright pink oversized Balenciaga t-shirt which she complimented with a pair of similarly Vivid boots and some shades at one point in the evening Fat Joe even joined Ashanti for a performance of what’s love he takes

Credit for the artists reunion telling fans on Instagram live last month that it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for him I immediately tell them I need 10% of this kid because if it wasn’t for ver that I brought Nelly out during me against jaw rule that’s when they saw

Each other and energy connected again he explained that’s when he said I got to have her he was over there contemplating he really wanted to go over there what do you think of rumors that Nelly and Ashanti are expecting their first child together do you think her Loosely

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Fitting top proves anything or are fans overthinking it share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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