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Newly Released Bodycam Footage Reveals Details of SpotemGottem’s 2023 Arrest


In July of last year spon gotam was placed under arrest following a high-speed police chase through North Miami Beach the Florida born rapper was allegedly cruising through the city in a red Corvette when authorities tried to pull him over instead of stopping however spotm gotam proceeded to speed

Off eventually it was reported that he had collided with another nearby vehicle he fled the scene on foot and was later found hiding from authorities his hiding spot of choice voice was a stranger shed where police eventually found him now new body cam footage of the incident has surfaced

Online in which authorities tell spotm gotam to get on the ground it seems as if the rapper informed officers of a leg injury based on the footage the one cop’s response was I don’t give AF asterisk CK about your leg later on officers are seen inspecting two gold

Chains presumably taken off of spotm gotam or out of his car authorities find botm got him in shed upon searching the vehicle authorities found a Glock 23 ammunition and more he was hit with various charges including fleeing and alluding police burglary and possession of a firearm unfortunately this was far from

Spotm goom’s first run in with the law back in 2022 he was spotted speeding on a jet ski but again fled the scene when authorities tried to stop him eventually they caught up to him and he was arrested he was charged with the Reckless operation of a boat and fleeing law enforcement

Officers in 20121 the artist was also arrested for allegedly threatening a parking garage attendant with a gun reportedly the dispute was over a parking fee and authorities later found him in bed with a firearm what do you think of the newly surfaced body cam footage from spotm Gams 2023 arrest are

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You surprised that the rapper hit from police in a shed share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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