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Nicki Minaj Reveals Behind the Scenes Drama on Big Foot Beat


Nicki Minaj is clearly far from done with Megan the stallion Bigfoot and this explosive social media tiate about this beef moreover her recent Twitter spaces session included some alleged background on this dis track’s beat produced by Tate kobang and zeltu Trill apparently the instrumental is based on a beat that

Lilj made the beat also known as lilj guu gave the Trinidadian MC 6 years ago however she claimed that since Lil gu guu is a frequent me collaborator he refused to clear the song and that other female rappers excitedly reached out to her to hop on this beat with her then

You hear that oh that’s D do on the beat tag I know I can tell him what to do Nicki Minaj began so she hear me play this song on my you know and everybody was like oh B asterisk asterisk asterisk H put that out so she really hit do do

On the Beats well you know her and her team team and they have the same team think about it if you’re not bothered by something why would you stop that man’s money when I had that beat for 6 years Nicki Minaj keeps making claims about original Bigfoot beat listen have my

Song done it was a fun song Nicki Minaj continued I posted it other female rappers said they want to be a part of it I thought it was going to be very fun and Chic y’all they posted a stat about somebody and then they had to delete it

And 24 hours laughs because now the highest debut of all time for any female in apple music history is f asterisk asterisk asterisk in Bigfoot well not Bigfoot it’s me my song Bigfoot about Bigfoot meanwhile both songs are breaking records like these and charting high but there is still no clear winner

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In the culture’s eyes many people disappointed by Bigfoot still think it wins that the Houston MC doesn’t respond some think that his was an automatic dub and others believe none of this means a thing let us know in the comments section down below where you fall on that

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