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Nicki Minaj Set to Headline Afro Nation Portugal 2024


Nicki Minaj will be taking her talents to Europe this summer as the headliner of afronation Portugal 2024 set to take place from June 26th to 28th on priad deosha beach ptoo the afro beats Festival will feature the Pink Friday 2 rapper leading a roster that includes Tyla asaki Jay hus Uncle

Waffles and RMA among others golden dip and GA tickets will be available on the events website starting Thursday January 25th with with a limited pre-sale at 10:00 a.m. grenwich meantime followed by a general sale at 1:00 p.m. Greenwich meantime it’s going to be a busy 2024

For Nicki Minaj who will be taking Pink Friday too on the road this spring for shows in North America and Europe in total the Trek is made up of nearly 40 dates which Live Nation recently revealed as her highest selling tour to date tickets are on sale now Pink Friday

2 was released to critical Acclaim last month on the the same day as the New York native’s 41st birthday it quickly made a splash and debuted at number one on the billboard 200 with 228,000 first week units with that Nikki became the first female rapper in history to score three

Number one albums Breaking Free from her long-standing tie with Foxy Brown the Alby hitmaker who topped the chart twice in the 1990s with China doll and the firm the album alongside Nas AZ and nature congrat rated her successor on social media I’m sir only Nick could

Break the King s Record She Wrote before adding hella proud 26e record is brazy though y’all mean to tell me no broke that in my absence took twin to set the bar again Pink Friday 2 also set a new record on the Billboard Hot 100 last month when 17 of its 22 songs

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Landed on the chart which is the most from any album by a female rapper despite the LP’s tremendous success not everyone has shared Foxy Brown’s enthusiasm about it earlier this month wack 100 upset the barbs after claiming that Pink Friday 2 isn’t as record-breaking as reports suggest I don’t know about no breaking

Records ain’t none of them first week numbers breaking nobody’s records right now from no artist he said on clubhouse he also suggested that cardi B is the bigger artist right now despite Nikki having a deeper discography the self-proclaimed queen of rap seemingly responded by rhetorically asking her

Followers on Twitter barbs did we break any

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