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NIRA plans mandatory return of old IDs for new national enrollment


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) is considering a bold move ahead of the upcoming mass national ID enrollment: requiring all Ugandans to surrender their current cards before receiving new ones. This proposal, intended to streamline the process and address widespread issues, has sparked both anticipation and concern among citizens.

Modernization on the Horizon: With current IDs issued in 2014 nearing their ten-year expiration, a mass enrollment with advanced features like DNA integration is planned. However, concerns regarding lost, misplaced, and misused cards, particularly as loan collateral, have prompted NIRA to consider a unique prerequisite for receiving new IDs.

NIRA spokesperson Osborne Mushabe outlined the proposal saying that presenting the old ID is a mandatory step in acquiring the new one. This, he explained, would facilitate data verification, prevent ID duplication, and encourage responsible ID ownership. Mushabe, acknowledging the significant number of lost or pledged cards, urged prompt replacement to avoid complications during the enrollment process.

He however said this is still a proposal that awaits clearance.

Mushabe also warned Ugandans against using national IDs as collateral for acquiring loans, especially from moneylenders, noting it is illegal

“Therefore, it is prudent for such people to stop using their IDs in such a way such that when the mass exercise starts all citizens have their old cards which will be handed over,”

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