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NITA-U Wins Prestigious World Summit for Information Society Digital Service Design Prize 2024 for UGPass Project


The National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) has been awarded the esteemed World Summit for Information Society (WSIS) Digital Service Design Prize 2024 for its UGPass project. The award was presented to Amb. Marcel Tibaleka, the Permanent Representative of Uganda to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva.

The World Summit for Information Society (WSIS) is a global initiative that fosters a more inclusive and equitable information society. Through various programs and recognitions, WSIS promotes advancements in digital governance and the effective use of technology to improve lives worldwide.

The WSIS Digital Service Design Prize, now in its second edition, celebrates significant advancements in e-government services designed to enhance user experiences by focusing on user journeys, needs, and life events. These services are delivered using Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), building blocks, and open-source software components. This year’s award highlights NITA-U’s exceptional contribution to digital governance and its commitment to creating a secure, efficient, and inclusive digital ecosystem.

UGPass is a digital authentication and electronic signatures solution that enables users to sign or seal documents online in a fast, convenient, and secure manner, thereby creating digital trust. UGPass aims to improve trust, security, and efficiency within Uganda, demonstrating remarkable integration and impact across various sectors.

Amb. Marcel Tibaleka, while receiving the award, expressed gratitude.

“We are incredibly grateful for the recognition this award brings. It strengthens our commitment to the continued development and support of UGPass, a pivotal digital certification and electronic signature solution. The government is dedicated to ensuring that this platform empowers Ugandans and fosters a secure and efficient digital ecosystem in our nation. We remain committed to continuous improvement and expansion, ensuring UGPass remains a valuable tool for years to come.”

NITA-U extended its heartfelt thanks to the WSIS Committee for this honor noting that this award not only highlights the progress made but also reinforces the commitment to future advancements in digital governance.

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