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NLE Choppa Issues Boxing Challenge To Blueface After Heated Diss In “Barbie” Remix – The Hoima Post –


Blueface’s recent diss aimed at NLE Choppa on Jaidyn Alexis’ “Barbie” remix has ignited a new level of tension between the California rapper and the Memphis MC. Blueface took shots at NLE Choppa, suggesting involvement with his baby mama and challenging the authenticity of provided contact information. The verbal exchange has escalated to the point where NLE Choppa has challenged Blueface to a boxing match.

In response, Blueface took to Twitter to acknowledge the challenge, stating, “Finally we got one,” accompanied by a fish hook emoji. This response adds weight to the possibility of a physical showdown between the two artists, moving beyond the realm of verbal jabs to potential blows in the boxing ring.

NLE Choppa initially tweeted, “Let’s box @bluefacebleedem who can set up a celebrity boxing match in Vegas, me and him hit me ASAP. He undefeated vs women ion respect a n***a that put his hands on em anyway!” This challenge follows Blueface’s diss in which he claimed NLE Choppa’s baby mama expressed interest in him.

The exchange between the two rappers has escalated on social media, with NLE Choppa addressing Blueface’s diss, stating, “I hit you personally to stop speaking on me. I thought s**t was understood. Bet that [handshake emoji].” Blueface responded, referencing ongoing verbal jabs and asserting his lack of concern, leading to the boxing challenge.

As the tension continues to unfold, fans are left speculating about the potential celebrity boxing match between Blueface and NLE Choppa. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing rap feud

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