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NRM Declares 11 Million Members After Audit


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President Museveni unveiled the National Resistance Movement (NRM) 2026 election roadmap at the party’s headquarters in Kampala on February 28, 2024. This announcement follows a meticulous audit conducted by the party, leading to adjustments in their membership figures. The NRM now asserts ownership of approximately 11 million members, down from the previously reported 17 million.

Expressing his approval of the cleanup process within the ruling party, President Museveni acknowledged the discovery of millions of discrepancies in the party’s membership database. Despite this, the NRM remains steadfast in its assertion of 11 million active members. Mr. Museveni, who also serves as the NRM chairperson, made these remarks during the partial unveiling of the party’s electoral plan for the upcoming 2026 General Election.

NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong, shed light on the historical overestimation of the party’s membership. Previous records erroneously indicated 17 million members, a figure found to be inflated during an internal audit. The audit revealed a more accurate count of approximately 11.4 million members, prompting questions from President Museveni regarding the disparity.

The audit team, represented by Mr. Kenneth Kelvin Otto, highlighted issues of duplication and the inclusion of individuals lacking sufficient identification details. Many entries lacked comprehensive information, including full names, National Identification Numbers (NIN), and verification status. Consequently, these entries were removed from the updated register, emphasizing the importance of accurate data in membership tallies.

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Of the verified 11.4 million members, a near-equal distribution was observed between genders, with 5.8 million women and 5.3 million men included in the revised count. The comprehensive nature of these entries, including personal details like full names, identification numbers, date of birth, and contact information, garnered acknowledgment from President Museveni.

Looking ahead to the 2026 General Election, the NRM outlined a series of planned activities. These include the public display of the party’s voter register across 72,000 villages nationwide from March 13 to 17. Subsequent phases involve candidate nominations, village-level campaigns, and elections, scheduled to culminate by Easter.

During discussions about membership influx from other parties, President Museveni humorously cited scenarios involving prominent figures, such as Bobi Wine, leader of the National Unity Platform party. While welcoming individuals with positive attitudes towards the NRM, he cautioned against last-minute conversions and emphasized the importance of genuine commitment to the party’s values.

The NRM’s electoral roadmap outlines a meticulous process, spanning from village-level polling to the submission of newly-elected leaders. By adhering to these guidelines, the party aims to maintain transparency and integrity in its electoral processes, guarding against potential interference from opposing factions.

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