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NRM Invites Mathias Mpuuga To Join Party, Promises Fair Treatment


Joseph Ssewava Mukasa, the National Youth Coordinator of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), has extended an invitation to Mathias Mpuuga, the former Leader of the Opposition, to join the NRM.

This invitation was made public during the nationwide launch of the party’s membership renewal and registration exercise.

At a press conference, Mukasa urged Mpuuga to take part in the exercise, which is aimed at broadening the ruling party’s membership base in preparation for the 2026 general elections.

The revision of the party register, often referred to as the “yellow book,” signifies the commencement of the party’s preparations for internal and general elections.

Mukasa stressed the need for a thorough assessment of Mpuuga’s intentions should he decide to join the party, and expressed the NRM’s willingness to welcome him.

Mukasa disclosed that if Mpuuga shows interest in joining the party, the NRM would organize a meeting and ask him to swear an oath.

However, Mukasa made it clear that Mpuuga should not anticipate an immediate senior position within the party.

He alluded to previous situations where new members erroneously assumed they would be granted influential roles immediately, a misconception the NRM intends to avoid this time.

Mukasa clarified that if Mpuuga chooses to join, he will be treated like any other party member.

The NRM has a procedure to follow, which includes an introduction to the party’s ideology. Mukasa reiterated the party’s dedication to preserving its principles and values.

Regarding the monitoring of Mpuuga’s reasons for joining the party, Mukasa revealed that the NRM would keep a close watch on him for about five years. This observation period is intended to identify and rectify any negative aspects of Mpuuga’s character.

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Mukasa emphasized the party’s commitment to maintaining high standards among its members, stating, “We will evaluate your reasons for joining the party over a five-year period, which is necessary to correct any undesirable character traits.”

Genesis of Mpuuga’s Corruption Accusations

Mpuuga has been accused of accepting a Shs500 million “good service award” from Parliament, leading to corruption and abuse of office allegations. The NUP recently asked Mpuuga to step down from his role as parliamentary commissioner.

However, Mpuuga insisted that he would not resign, claiming that the party’s advice was based on false information and a misunderstanding of the facts.

Mpuuga stated that the funds he received were legally granted to him by a commission in his role as the Leader of the Opposition, by the required parliamentary procedures.


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