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NRM Members Call for Resignation of Senior Members Over Alleged Support for Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Political Group



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National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, members have voiced demands for the resignation of key figures associated with First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) political group. Spearheaded by the NRM National Chairman’s office, the call for resignation targets Minister Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, Flight Capt Mike Mukula, and Daudi Kabanda, Member of Parliament for Kasanda constituency.

These individuals, who hold prominent positions within the NRM, are facing pressure from party members to step down due to their alleged support for Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s political aspirations. Mukula, in particular, serves as the vice president for the eastern region within the NRM party structure.

Jamiru Kazibwe, the ONC coordinator for the southern region, expressed discontent, stating, “You cannot campaign against the party that you hold its card, bring back our cards because we have our presidential candidate for 2026.”

The demand for resignation stems from concerns that the actions of these individuals have caused divisions within the NRM, particularly as the party gears up for the 2026 general elections. Kazibwe highlighted the importance of restoring unity within the party to secure victory in key regions such as Greater Masaka.

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Furthermore, NRM members have called for President Museveni to take disciplinary action against his son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, for allegedly engaging in political activities while serving in the army. This perceived violation of military protocol has raised concerns among party loyalists and intensified the calls for accountability within the NRM ranks.

Kazibwe emphasized the need to uphold the integrity of the party and ensure that individuals aligning with external groups are held accountable for their actions. The rift within the NRM underscores the underlying tensions within Uganda’s political landscape as different factions vie for influence and power.

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