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NRM’s Plan for Busoga Region Ahead of 2026 Elections


museveni addresses wetland degradation in busoga

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The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is taking steps to tackle various issues affecting the people of the Busoga sub-region in preparation for the upcoming 2026 presidential and parliamentary elections.

During the belated NRM day celebrations at the Iganga district headquarters on March 8, Rosemary Seninde, the director of mobilization cadre development at the NRM secretariat, addressed the concerns raised by different stakeholders. She acknowledged that complaints, particularly from fishing communities and sugarcane growers, had cost the ruling party votes in the 2021 elections, providing an advantage to the opposition.

Seninde emphasized the party’s commitment to addressing these issues before the 2026 elections to regain the support it had enjoyed in previous elections. She urged party members to actively participate in activities and decision-making processes, especially the youth, who constitute a significant portion of the population.

Highlighting the detrimental effects of internal conflicts within the party, Seninde cautioned NRM members against bickering and infighting, citing instances where such behavior had contributed to opposition victories in bye-elections.

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Encouraging participation in the upcoming registration exercise starting on March 11, Seninde stressed its importance in selecting party flag bearers and ensuring members have a voice in the party’s affairs.

Hajji Abubaker Walubi, the NRM chairman in Iganga, raised concerns about the plight of sugarcane farmers and appealed to President Yoweri Museveni to fulfill promises, such as upgrading the Iganga-Luuka road, to prevent exploitation by factory owners. He also warned against allowing the opposition to tarnish the party’s image during the 2026 elections.

Walubi advised new NRM members to be patient and not expect immediate rewards, emphasizing the importance of commitment to the party’s vision and manifesto.

Sadala Wandera, the resident district commissioner of Iganga, urged NRM members to stay informed about the party’s achievements to counter opposition challenges during public events.

Former FDC contestant Hajji Ismael Badogi, who joined the NRM, expressed his support for the party’s vision and manifesto, emphasizing his decision was not driven by personal gain but by a desire to contribute to the country’s development in the coming years.

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