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NUP Mukono Wing Set Seven Core Activities for Tuesday Moblisation Tour


The National Unity Platform (NUP) members in Mukono have outlined seven activities for their party tour on Tuesday within the district. According to the party’s nationwide mobilization tour schedule, Robert Kyagulanyi, the party president, along with other top party officials, will visit Mukono district tomorrow.   

Despite repeated interruptions during their initial national tours, party members in Mukono assert that they have informed the police about all their planned activities. The program, issued today by the district tour organizing committee, details that activities led by party president Robert Kyagulanyi will commence with the formation of the ‘Freedom Trail’ at Nakasajja.   

The sequence will then proceed to the Nakifuma constituency for the opening of the county offices. The third activity involves launching the campaign ‘Making Crime Pay,’ aimed at reminding Mukono North voters about the people abducted during the recent elections.  

Subsequently, Kyagulanyi will inaugurate party offices for the Mukono North Constituency before moving to Mukono South to perform the same task and also launch the Katosi membership recruitment drive. Following this, the trail will head to Mukono Taxi Park for the main rally. According to Betty Nambooze, one of the organizers, the rally will serve as the primary platform to announce new members who joined the party throughout the day.

“So many people have great desires to see the party president, we have planned to have him return to Magere using the Kampala-Jinja highway through the Goma division,” Nambooze has noted. The Chief Organizer, Hanifer Nabukeera, the district Woman Member of Parliament, stated that they have informed the police about their program.

According to Nabukeera, their responsibility is to notify the police, which can then decide whether to respond. Any disruption by the police raises significant concerns about the fairness and impartiality of law enforcement in the country.   During a press conference held at Kavule Cell in Mukono Central Division, Nabukeera mentioned that top party officials are meeting with the police at Naguru to finalize the requirements for their gatherings. 

Recently, police disrupted gatherings in Kamuli and later intercepted Kyagulanyi and his team at Ssezibwa Bridge on their way to Palisa.   Police statements have claimed that NUP failed to comply with their requests, such as providing the number of attendees expected at their rallies. 

Robert Peter Kabanda, the Mukono Central Division Chairperson, said the reasons given by the police are arbitrary and impractical, as it is challenging to predict the exact number of attendees. Nonetheless, the outcomes of the meeting between NUP officials and the police at Naguru will significantly determine the course of tomorrow’s tour.


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