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O J Simpson Denies Reports of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis


OJ Simpson has reportedly been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy to combat it however the infamous former NFL player had publicly denied the reports and denies being in poor health furthermore Simpson reportedly plans to host a large Super Bowl party in Las Vegas and laughed off

The idea that he was in Hospice Care despite this it’s not the first time that reports of cancer have been attached to Simpson’s name in 2023 Simpson posted a video in which he claimed to have caught cancer and was in remission it is unclear if these new

Reports of a diagnosis are related to that previous report who is OJ Simpson born in 1947 OJ is a man of Two Tales first is the story of a star athlete who helped redefine American football a retired jersey at USC two First Team all pack eight honors and a

Heisman Trophy are the defining marks of his college career the first first overall pick in 1969 Simpson became the prototypical running back of his era he had 5 1,000 yard rushing seasons in Buffalo including a 2,000 yard season in 1973 when he also won MVP however he would end his career in

1979 after two seasons with 49ers he left football for the world of endorsements and acting and became an even bigger star throughout the 1980s however the ’90s would bring with it the sight of Simpson’s Legacy in 1994 Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown was found stabbed to death alongside a friend at

Her home in brenwood Simpson became an immediate person of interest in the case due to his alleged history of abuse with brown however he would be found not guilty of the murders in 1996 thanks to a legal team that included the father of Kim Kardashian despite this Simpson

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Would later be found liable in civil court and would go on to spend 9 years in prison on an armed robbery charge

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