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Obore Confirms Speaker’s Daily Expenses on NTV Talk Show ‘On the Spot’


PHOTO — X/NTV Uganda

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Last night’s episode of the ‘On the Spot’ show brought forth intriguing revelations, particularly highlighted by Jim Spire Ssentongo. During the discussion, Mr. Obore, a friend of Jim Spire, seemed hesitant to address the issue of per diem initially, but eventually disclosed that the Speaker’s official per diem amounts to $990. This admission was crucial to Jim Spire, who aimed to confirm activist Agather’s evidence of $4000 for 4 activities, which he considers reliable.

Moreover, Mr. Obore’s explanation regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds channeled to individual accounts, including his own, raised several unsettling questions. Jim Spire and others expressed concerns about the perceived lack of regulation and transparency in the utilization of taxpayers’ money. The practice of the Speaker of Parliament receiving funds from various regions to address community needs without clear auditing procedures further fueled these concerns.

Jim Spire voiced his dissatisfaction with Mr. Obore’s attitude, perceiving it as dismissive of the public’s right to demand explanations. He found it insulting that Mr. Obore implied they were being granted a favour by providing information. Despite this, Jim Spire appreciated the opportunity for dialogue but urged for a more straightforward and productive approach in future discussions, devoid of diversion tactics.

Reactions from viewers varied. Some, like justice hunter and Phiona Nabusiita, criticized Mr. Obore and Speaker Anita Among, calling for their accountability and even suggesting legal action against them. Others, such as I L and Hon. Ndiyo B Jackson, commended Jim Spire for his clarity and courage in addressing pertinent issues, considering him a valuable asset to Uganda.

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