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Omusawo Tintah Hosts USA Based Singer Esther Sings LIVE ON METRO FM 90.8


Okay all right tell me okay say Metro fmra FM oh my god listen to the kotra FM yeah man yeah man okay say yes number one station in Uganda okay please please say it one more time I’m going to tell you what it means okay it

Means is my name I love you I love you so much that what it means oh [Laughter] what does mean is it from St Lucia mean it’s french means I love you very much oh ah thank you so much thank you for having me okay um give me a minute um

Just in case you’re there Fight for Your Life fight for your rights because you know International women’s day is today you know and I believe women have a lot to say and then we are all fighting for our rights and with what’s going on out there there are

People out there who still fighting you know for their lives they are in in the hospital you know they um you know they at War fighting they still fighting for their life so you know I this song also and with all of that it came to yeah

Okay to to anyone afterwards to to anyone that is listening in right now uh guys I’ve hosted one of St Lucian best I don’t know if I’ve spelled the um pronounced the name well St Lucian best New York best regy artist esta sings right yes okay

Um you’re best in the US um how does it feel to be a black and um you know you do doing the kind of music in the US because very many of artists in Uganda think that when someone is maybe in US Canada or Europe he’s International

Things a bit different things a bit easy you know they get money and things like that how does it feel to be a black and still doing reg music in America I kind of laugh at that a little bit because you know it’s tough It’s very hard doing um especially as a young

Woman like me trying to fit in you know with my music in the regular world is kind of really hard because we we have a lot of people doing reg but for women you know is hard for women because it’s like Society recognize men more in reged

Than they do with women so um but I still want to be out there doing my thing because I need to let the women out there who are in music and wants to do reg know that there’s still uh you know there’s still um lights in the

Horizon you have to really be determined and really want to do this and don’t let anybody put you down and as long as you’re determined you’ll always get to where you want to go and you don’t have to worry about money or anything once you’re doing it for the love you’re

Doing it for the people you’re doing it and it’s coming from your heart I think everything should be put into it okay um let’s talk about the 2008 incidents uh you know um was it a turning uh a turning um a stone in your life oh my you’ve been doing your

Research sorry I you’ve been doing your research on me yeah I I had to you know I I had to you know check out the person I going to do interview you lost your you lost your yeah how how did it feel um you know what really happened and how

Did did it set you back or you were more motivated than never um this is an an incident I will never ever forget it’s always going to be a mark on me and it’s one of the reasons why I’m singing even more because that heartache that I have is right there in

My soul and can never be removed because it’s hard to know that you once had a baby come back and you know you went outside do something and you come back and there is no baby and that was your only boy at the at the time you

To find your child wedged between the crib and the board and hang in that crib is very detrimental it took a toe on me you know I wrote a book about it and stuff like that but you know life have to go on and then you know being a

Mother it’s it’s it’s very hard and once you have that Caring Heart and stuff you’ll always care for your children and losing a child is not easy so so um you know there’s still hope you know and and with that it just encouraged me to do

Better in life and to be a better person and to never take life for granted okay um you’ve had very many you know songs being recognized on iTunes top chats how does it feel do you even have um you know some accolades on on your name or

Nominations so that you know people can listen to that and get to know that you know I’m with the super in on air oh my goodness my music is doing well I am very I’ve not had that big award which I am willing to get already

But I’m really pushing myself to get on the billboard um I’ve I’ve achieved some um plaqu and stuff for my music being number one on the iTunes chats regular chats and number two also and also um my music got 100,000 stream on Spotify so I have my plaques for that but I’m really

Pushing myself to get to the top top and I know I’m going to get there and this is what I’m doing I’m really trying to get out there I’m trying to get my fans to vote and getting my fans to you know like really listen to my music buy my

Music so that way I could really get to where I really want to be you know so um yeah I’m very happy about where the music is sticking me okay are you under are you registered under any brand company or record label I am under a label I am under my

Husband’s record label um African voice production and African voice production um been there for a little while and then the good thing about that production um that record label is they give a lot of local artists a chance to prove themselves so we had a lot of you

Know local artists come in andu like that but some who serious some who’s not but I mean in music if you’re not really serious it’s not going to work out for you but we give them a platform for them to be on okay um any challenges so far

You know looks like you always is good because you’re under management and uh you know no no no there are challenges really there’s a lot of challenges yes because finding people like you to really put our music out there finding radio stations TV stations interviews and stuff it is very hard you

Either have to beg or you have to put out big money to get out there and that’s what it is you understand it’s very hard with yes it’s very very hard with music and if you are not a very strong and determined PE person you’re going to give up but I’m not

About giving up I will never give up you understand because I know where I want to reach okay I know where I want to reach and I know where I want to go okay um let’s look up let’s look at your new your new your new album talk about it

Your new song talk about it I’ll follow you yeah follow you um when I look back and I realize everything that has happened to me you know so far I know it’s probably for a reason it’s either for me to do better or you know or do great or being great

You know so I will not put myself down but you know what with everything that happened to me I feel I needed to do this song because God has allowed me to survived so many trials and tribulations I had to sing a gospel reg because without doing a gospel reg I feel my

Music would not get to re where it really has to be because I had to put God in it I have to put God first and I believe singing I Will Follow You is uh you know another platform another type of music that that that makes me feel

Good actually I feel so good about this song because I believe like God had to speak to me um with a lot of stuff that’s going on with me to really do this song okay um before Before I Let You Go um can you please reintroduce yourself because we have very many uh

People that have tuned in right now and you know they’re asking who is you know this person you’re talking to and um you know tell them more about yourself plus the kind of music you doing yes my name is Esther Antoine Esther sings I am under the label African voice

Production I am based in New York but I am a St Lucian and I’m singing for all my St Luan people um I have done a couple of reg music my I have a new song right now I’m trying to really put out there I will follow you

Um I I also would like to say that um with reg music is difficult especially for women to get out there in the regular field but you should never give up you should always try to improve yourself and take yourself up there no matter what it is never never never ever

By the way let me ask um do you get the same problems that Africans get when it comes to the ladies because uh usually in the in in our music industry is very tough for the ladies uh we have those people that you know anyway I don’t want

To talk about the stuff that really women pass through I know what you’re trying to say I know what you’re trying to say I’ve never really had that problem with me you understand because where I do my music my music your husband is your manager so that is that is

Okay maybe if I do have to take it out there you understand what I’m saying yeah man but um no I believe that women should be very respectful when it comes to the music and shouldn’t bow to anybody just to get uh an uh you know

Just to get to the top or whatever I think when you really struggle on your own and you really try to make it on your own there’s going to be light in the Horizon because you’re going to look back and say oh boy I did this without I

Had to do anything out of the way you know so I think we need that kind of respect so that the men could have respect for us okay um do you have any plans of doing any collaboration with any maybe Ugandan artist because you’re a Ugandan radio

Station all an African artist uh so far ugandans are welcome to do collabs with me Africans are welcome to do collabs with me you could email me at Esther anan1 123 at send me your beat send me your Rhythm you know talk to me

Let me know what you really want to do and then we could work together okay do you have any artists you know particularly in Uganda or maybe in Africa that you know has that good sound you love most oh my God I can’t even remember those African artists I know there’s a

Couple of them songs that came out in Uganda in Uganda we have h a few artists we have um generally you listen to regy or listen to afrit or dance or what what general do you listen to right I listen to Reg afit I listen to all types of

Music okay in Uganda we have uh we have Bebe you know him if I know who Bebe no I’m not too familiar with the names I’m not too familiar with the names I may hear the music and I may love the music okay you know but um uh

Yeah I’m not too familiar with the with the name but whoever who’s willing to uh collab with me they welcome okay um your socials where you know people can get your music people can get your sound uh Facebook Instagram Spotify you know all those platforms whereby people can you know listen to your

Music yes you could you could get my music you could just pull my name Esther sings and you’re going to find a lot of stuff about let them go on Google put esta sings yes the best way to find me is Google yeah man yeah man yeah man yeah man I

Feel you Google anine Google Esther find me yeah yes okay Esther I have to let you go but before I let you go um you’ll have to speak a few luganda words luganda is a dialect in a local language in Uganda so uh when you know I host when I host an artist

It is nicer when they they speak lugan dialect if it is okay with you I’ll even tell you what it means okay all right tell me okay say Metro FM the comra FM oh my god listen to Thea FM yeah man yeah man okay yes number one station in Uganda

Okaye please say it one more time I’m going to tell you what it means okay it means is my name I love you I love you so much what it means what does mean is it from St Lucia mean it’s french means I love you very much oh

Ah thank you so much okay thank you for having me okay um give me a minute um just in case you’re there you know call right now 07540 8908 just in case you don’t understand English all you can’t speak it you can say it in luganda I’ll you know translate for you uh

To um do you have any plans of visiting Uganda old do you have have you ever been in any African country I haven’t been in any African country I would love to visit my motherland like I I was told this is my motherland so um hoping that one day I

Could visit Uganda I could visit Africa and maybe I could do something over there with some African artists over there also okay es I have to let you go but uh you know it’s a pleasure having you you have my number you have my uh you have my email for anything please

Metro is home just in case I pass by New York hopefully New York will be home when I see you there sure yeah yes sure of course and when you do any videos and especially videos and you’re on your station send them to me so I could put

Them up they are a form of promotion for me and I’ll very much appreciate it when you do that so thank you so much thank you your Ganda people people thank you Africa don’t forget to go on my page like share subscribe and um send me an email

At13 okay someone is on the line give me a minute someone is on the Line one someone is on the line please can you answer hi hello how are you oh nice hearing from you nice thanks for calling oh thank you we love you so much I’m going you your platforms so that I can listen to your music because you seem to be singing very good I’m

Also artist I’m in oh okay nice okay but um es what my caller is saying that he’s going to be following you on all your platforms because uh he has liked your music and he’s also a Ugandan uh film actor so I think he will you know share music share the love and

Everything like that he’s a fil he’s a film actor yeah okay okay thank you yeah so tell him to inbox me inbox me and go to my messages okay and send me his information okay um es I have to let you go thank you so much uh humbled to have

You on the show yes I’m reminding you tin is my name and um you know we shall keep uh please don’t cut off the communication let’s keep in touch and as we push the reg music love music the meditation music the music from our hearts to the world you know we share the

Love okay thank you so much thanks for having me and please send me a video of you playing I will follow you I’m much appreciate it thank you thank you bye bye okay

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