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One On One With Tanzanian Reggea Star Bob Chuwa


Name is tin gracias and I’m from Uganda right now I’m in D Salam Aran France where the roots ra Roots reg Festival is being held and I’m uh I’m having on my seat one of the best one of uh the I don’t know which ones should I use

Legendary the legendary regy artist in Tanzania here H please introduce yourself and if it is possible you can um do the Swahili do the English do both no problem say hello to the people watching us right now and um how ready are you yes hello hello greetings

Greetings first of all my name is Bob Chua from Mount kilano in Tanzania we’re about to go on stage here and do some regular music and we are ready and we’re very excited yeah yes sir um talking about your journey in regy when when did you start doing this kind of music I

Started doing reg or liking reg since I was a baby the first time I listened to reg I said this is what I want to do I want to be a singer and play music okay do do you have any person in particular that inspired you to do reg music yes

The first time I had Bob M the Uprising album that was it I was hooked from the from then on okay there’s an there’s a problem uh financial problem that usually comes with the regy artists that anyway to people that are doing reg music um have you Tred have you earned

Uh from reg music have I have I have you earned eared financially uh so far not really but what have earned is not money but I’ve earned a lot of respect friends people spiritualism get closer to God so rega music is more than money so the money will come later okay

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Because there’s there’s an issue when it comes to different genders one who does danceold gets richer or one who does t afro beat or something gets richer than you guys and you know it derails very many artists to have reggy on their albums why did you decide strictly to do

Reg music and you know you’re doing it even live on stage uh with all the equipments it’s hard and expensive as Bob M said uh we do Spiritual music so we uh meditation music for us is not about money it’s about giving message it’s about the Creator praising God if

You’re a true Reg a person somebody tells you I give you $10 million to go and sing a song about sex or killing you’ll say no I’d rather have no money but stick to the principles of Spiritual music okay any any any problems any challenges you’ve faced in your journey

In reg music a lot of challenges first of all my family was totally against dreadlocks so always you must cut your hair every time they see you as a Holan drag adct yeah but all those things are not true but after the time has gone they’ve come to understand that Reg is

Spiritual music and it is the right music to play because it’s good for society you teach society and all that okay um according to you you spent very many years in this in this industry have you had any AR Coles and awards have you been nominated and who are those people

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That you know you are trying to inspire I’ve not been nominated yet but my music is always on the radio always on TV and um YouTube and every but success in that way not yet also I’ve not been following the awards because to me Awards is just

An award but me life is more than Awards okay um have you inspired uh some artists to join the ranks of the reg music the kind of music you’re doing very many very very many people yes very many yes okay uh you have any names uh

Dan uh many youths in especially in in ker yes because my I’m one of the very few musicians in Tanzania so they listen they listen to my my music okay um thank you so much whoever is watching us right now I’m with the legendary Bob Chu and I think I have to

Let him go do his his uh his set is about to start thank you so much follow him on YouTube follow him on Facebook wherever as thank you thank you okay thank you so much uh ladies and gentlemen thank you so much I’ve been with the legendary Bob Chu he’s a t

Tanzanian best from Cher manaro doing strictly regy music very um I have to let you go because I’m seeing preparing for the the show collaboration I would like to do some collaboration anybody likes my music you beig glad seeing you up there doing what you love most and um wish for the

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Best thank you um thank you so much is watching us the legendary from m k what I’ve been I’ve been there a few times and to me I really need I think we share numbers I really need come okay so you have a company that does that what’s the

Name they can go online and search for yes home online uh please support the rer you guys you keep on saying rers don’t want to work rers are work rers are thieves rers are you know bigheaded they they only love Ganer but he the legendary is

Also a worker as a tour guide so him so that you know you can give respect in that way thank you so much my name is keep we still following the reg VI so here in Sal Tanzania thank you so much



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