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Oscar Pistorius Released On Parole After Nine Years In South African Prison – The Hoima Post –


Oscar Pistorius, the South African Paralympian, has officially left the prison where he served a nine-year sentence. Pistorius departed on January 5 and was discreetly transported to his uncle’s residence to avoid media attention. The national Department of Corrections later issued a brief statement, confirming Pistorius’ release and designating him as a “parolee.”

Despite his release, Pistorius will be confined to the Pretoria neighborhood where he will reside. Additionally, he is required to attend anger management counseling and engage in community service. The Department of Corrections clarified that parole does not signify the conclusion of the sentence but rather its continuation outside the correctional facility. Pistorius became eligible for parole as he completed at least half of his mandated sentence.

The family of Reeve Steenkamp, Pistorius’ late girlfriend whom he murdered in 2013, did not oppose his parole when it was granted last year. Steenkamp’s mother explained that she lacked the energy to attend a parole hearing. However, a family friend, Rob Matthews, read a statement expressing disbelief in Pistorius’ version of events and asserting that Steenkamp’s screams for her life were ignored.

Oscar Pistorius is anticipated to spend the near future at his uncle’s mansion in a prestigious Pretoria neighborhood. While details about Pistorius’ time in prison are scarce, his father claimed he conducted regular Bible studies for fellow inmates. Nevertheless, Pistorius also faced challenges, including a reported assault by another prisoner over a disagreement about a telephone.

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