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Peter White Uganda Confronts Corrupt Politicians in Latest Hit “Sente”, Watch Here


Singer Peter White Uganda, known off-stage as Peter Kasibante, takes aim at the influence of money in politics with his latest track, “Sente.” The Luganda word for money, talking about a society driven by greed, where politicians prioritize wealth over public welfare.

The accompanying music video, directed by Mukiibi Brian of Mota Films Ug, captures the essence of White’s message.

The singer, also the lyricist of the song, passionately croons about the perils of wealth and how it can blind individuals to ethical behavior.

In a creative twist, the music video incorporates real news articles and images exposing corrupt and unethical politicians, providing a powerful visual narrative to complement the lyrics.

Peter White Uganda
Peter White Uganda

Peter White Uganda has made a significant impact in the music scene, particularly within the Urban Zouk/ Afrobeat genre.

His breakthrough hit, “Kachumbali,” gained widespread acclaim last year, paving the way for subsequent successes like “Holleya,” “Mu Dungu,” and the recently released “Sente.” In total, he has treated fans to four captivating music videos and a dozen audio tracks, showcasing his versatility and commitment to addressing social issues through his art.

As “Sente” continues to gain traction, it stands as a testament to Peter White Uganda’s dedication to using his platform to shed light on issues that matter.

Peter White Uganda
Peter White Uganda

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