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PICTURES: Cecilia Ogwal laid to rest


Deputy Speaker Tayebwa lays a wreath

Lira, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Cecilia Barbara Atim Ogwal, the former Dokolo District Woman Member of Parliament was on Saturday laid to rest.

Cecilia Ogwal died from a Hospital in India where she was admitted.  She was buried in Dog-gudu cell, Alito Town Council in Kole district.

While addressing mourners,  the Executive Director Uganda Cancer Institute Dr. Jackson Orem said the late Cecilia was first diagnosed with cancer of the colon.

“A submission was made to us with a diagnosis that she had cancer of the colon, that is cancer of the large gut but when I first met her and had a discussion just to find out how she would want us to handle the issues but the first thing I told her was that we needed to confirm this diagnosis that means we should do additional tests which she agreed to. We did that with the samples that was submitted to us and our finding was that this cancer was arising from the pancreas.” He said.

He further explained that while abroad, she developed an unsuspected complication which led to her death during the course of her treatment.

According to Dr. Orem, Imat Cecilia was referred to India for additional test which could not be conducted in the country due to lack of reagents.

Jessica Alupo Epel, the Vice President who represented President Museveni applauded Cecilia Ogwal for serving the country with all her heart, referring to her as a role model for Parliament.

Gladys Boss Shollei, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya applauded Imat Cecilia for grooming her when she joined the Pan- African Caribbean Union and promised to front the issue of flight interconnection among African States something which she said Imat was also concerned about.

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“Visitors from the Caribbean, from all parts of Africa, West Africa, wanted to be here today but unfortunately because of the flight connections there was difficulty and I think that is something we shall correct because I know honorable Ogwal was very clear that we must have an African Union and have airlines that are able to go around more easily within our own continent.”

Thomas Tayebwa, the Deputy Speaker re-echoed how Imat Cecilia groomed him in Parliament especially when he was appointed the deputy speaker.

Reflecting on the life of the Ogwal’s family, Tayebwa tasked men to learn from Mzee Lameck Ogwal’s efforts in supporting his wife’s political journey.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the Forum for Democratic (FDC) Party President tasked government to ensure that Uganda have functional health facilities which can serve every Uganda.

He  also implored the people of Dokolo to allow the party to complete its term in Parliament by fronting a candidate unopposed and warned the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party and security personnel against interfering in the by-election.

Richard Todwong, the NRM Secretary tasked leaders to mentor others just like Ogwal did and to always remain united irrespective of their political affiliation.

Her funeral ceremony was attended by dignitaries from both within and beyond the boundaries of Uganda.



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