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Playboi Carti Attempts to Explain Mysterious Persona


Playboy cardi is Infamous for his mysterious Persona overall there are a lot of fans out there who absolutely despise this they hate the fact that he never shows himself and when he does he acts like he is above socializing however it has allowed him to develop an aura of

Sorts these days he is looking to drop a new album unfortunately no one knows when it will actually be released instead he has dropped five singles that aren’t even on streaming services needless to say being a cardi fan is frustrating moreover it doesn’t help that he made a fool out of himself

During a live stream with Aiden Ross during this stream cardi refused to say more than just a couple of words following the stream Aiden Ross refused to pay cardi the second half of his promised fee furthermore cardi was roasted online for his Persona which some are now saying is completely

Manufactured well on Thursday night cardi attempted to make it up to Ross by calling him while Aiden was streaming on Kick Playboy cardi with the excuses during this call cardi offered up an excuse for why he is the way he is you know I’m shy as F asterisk CK I

Don’t mean no harm cardi said matter of factly Ross completely understood and based on the conversation it seems like cardi might try to come see Ross in person at some point it remains to be seen if that will actually happen after all cardi is someone who is known to

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Change his mind from time to time hopefully Ross can actually get the Elusive and mysterious

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