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Political Deception: Promises versus Reality – Jimmy Spire


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During their political campaigns, they take advantage of people’s problems, pretending to care.
They recite community problems until their eyes turn teary.
They visit your miserable health centres and shanty schools and shake their heads in concern, feigning disbelief.
They tell you how lobbying for health, agriculture, and education is going to be their priority.
They dance themselves lame for you at rallies, to make you think that they are together with you and that they are down to earth – men and women of the people.

When you finally get to know what they extravagantly award and spend on themselves, they ask you: “Isn’t it on our budget? Isn’t it legal?”
At that point, they don’t want to ask if it is REASONABLE or CONSIDERATE amidst your problems that they promised to prioritise.
After all the promises, the money milked from your hard labour is splashed on them, legally of course. Their argument now is that, as long as something is legally budgeted for, it’s okay.
Never mind that it is some of the same people trying to tell us how the Public Order Management Act and a couple of other repressive laws are wrong.

Indeed, law is just but what the strong use to legitimate their desires.

They’ve talked themselves sweaty in defence of their opulence in a country where a huge percentage wallow in squalor.
In 2026, they will back to you dancing and buying alcohol- for you to drink yourself into constant stupidity, and send them back to their banquet.

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A legal banquet, of course. On a legally passed budget, of course. Deserved, of course. For those very important REPRESENTATIVES of our pains.
How more stupid is the voter assumed to be!

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