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Post Malone Lands Role in ‘Road House’ Remake Alongside Jake Gyllenhaal


Post Malone has now added another movie credit to his extensive resume the rapper singer appears to have a part in the upcoming remake of Roadhouse starring Jake Gyllenhaal in the role that the late Patrick suy made famous on Tuesday February 13th the official account for Prime video on X formerly

Known as Twitter sent out a photo of the circles performer in the role of Carter that prompted Gyllenhaal to take to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself with post Malone a man of many talents to say it was a pleasure working together is an understatement welcome to the #

Roadhouse at post Malone he wrote in the caption this isn’t the first time that post Malone has had a role in a feature film back in 2021 he snagged a part alongside renowned tough guy Jason Stam in guy Richie’s action thriller Wrath of man in a trailer released on March 29th

Of that year the circles hit maker stars as a bad guy who who faces off with STM as Johnny Cash’s 1957 song fome Prison Blues plays in the background post ends up on the wrong side of the shootout after Statham steps out of an armored security truck and puts an end

To an attempted Heist Wrath of man a remake of 2004 French film cash trck hit the theaters on May 7th of that year with co-stars including Holt McAllen Jeffrey Donovan and Josh hartnet post Malone previously had a voice cameo in 2018 Spider-Man into the spiderverse with his Hot 100 number one single

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Sunflower with sway Lee also appearing on the soundtrack he later made his visual acting debut in the 2020 action comedy Spencer confidential which starred Mark Wahlberg in the lead role in a February 2020 interview with variety Walberg praised post for his first ever acting performance on screen he killed it

Walberg said I wanted to cast him in the movie director Peter Berg wasn’t really sure just because he never really saw him act and we didn’t have time to audition him but not only did I convinced Pete to hire him I also convinced him to give post Malone two

Parts and combine them he continued when we finally got to the set we were actually at posti’s trailer posy would not rehearse the scene and he wouldn’t do his real voice he was making some crazy voice so Pete was even more scared you could tell posy was a little Serv

But then we went in and on the first take he absolutely

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