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President Museveni Urges Leaders to Prioritize Household Income Generation


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has urged leaders at all levels to champion the cause of household income generation among the populace to uplift communities.

Addressing a gathering of exemplary farmers from nine villages in Gomba and Sembabule Districts at his Kisozi farm, President Museveni, accompanied by the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Maama Janet Kataha Museveni, emphasized the significance of elevating household income as a driver of development.

During the meeting held on Tuesday, President Museveni underscored the crucial role of leaders in fostering prosperity at the grassroots level, highlighting the success of the Greater Kisozi Model Villages project initiated in 2011.

“People should work for both sustenance and prosperity, focusing on ‘ekibaro’ (wealth creation). This has been our message since the 1960s. It’s perplexing why infrastructure like roads and electricity gets more attention from leaders than the fundamental aspect of household income. We can have robust infrastructure, but poverty persists, and conversely, we can foster wealth without extensive infrastructure,” he remarked.

In 2011, President Museveni donated various resources including cows, goats, coffee seedlings, pigs, and financial support to households in nine villages in Gomba and Sembabule, aiming to combat poverty and catalyze income generation for improved livelihoods.

Reflecting on his decades-long advocacy for wealth creation among Ugandans, the President recounted his pioneering strategies dating back to the 1960s, when he spearheaded a poverty eradication campaign in the Ankole region. He emphasized empowering communities through modern farming techniques and entrepreneurship.

President Museveni also urged farmers to adopt the four-acre model of farming, emphasizing diversification and sustainable practices.

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On the success front, Ms. Sarah Nalwanga, the Project Coordinator, commended the scheme’s impact, citing significant increases in household assets and agricultural productivity. “So far, 2,035 households have benefited from the project,” she noted.

Members of Parliament from Gomba and Sembabule Districts expressed gratitude to President Museveni’s visionary leadership and pledged to mobilize communities to embrace government poverty-alleviation programs.


Mr. James Kalanda, a resident of Kirasi village, Gomba District, shared his transformation from financial struggle to success, thanks to the project’s opportunities. Similarly, Ms. Josephine Namusisi expressed her gratitude, citing essential support received from the initiative.

Another success story came from Mr. George Ssabagabo, also a resident of Kirasi village, who credited the President for his prosperity, demonstrating the tangible impact of household income generation initiatives.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of State for Youth and Children, Hon. Balaam Barugahara, and the head of the Office of the National Chairman-NRM, Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo.

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