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Protecting Church Property: Government Moves to Secure Anglican Lands


family land disputes surge in mubende minister nabakooba calls for action

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The Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development has initiated a plan to register and issue land titles and customary certificates of ownership to protect the land belonging to the Church of Uganda from potential land grabbers. This move, announced by Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba, seeks to safeguard the interests of the Anglican Church across various dioceses in Uganda.

During a three-day retreat attended by 40 bishops from the Church of Uganda’s 39 dioceses at the Lweza Training and Conference Centre in Wakiso District, Minister Nabakooba unveiled the government’s intention to assist churches in registering their land. She emphasized the importance of trustees ensuring regular updates and annual returns to facilitate the registration process.

Acknowledging the significance of collaboration, Minister Nabakooba urged the Archbishop to designate a team to work alongside the technical team from the Ministry of Lands. She also encouraged the utilization of zonal land officers in handling land-related matters within respective regions.

Highlighting instances of individuals registering Church land under their names, Minister Nabakooba stressed the necessity of authenticating bonafide tenants on the land. Failure to register tenants could potentially lead to disputes and land grabbing.

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Archbishop Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu reiterated the Anglican Church’s vulnerability to land grabbers due to unregistered land, emphasizing that some donors contributed land without formal titles or agreements. He also reminded the government of its commitment to resolve the issue concerning St. Peter’s Church in Ndeeba and rebuild the church, a pledge made four years ago.

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The Archbishop expressed gratitude for the government’s intervention in the Ndeeba church issue but emphasized the need for fulfilling the President’s pledge. The collaboration between the government and the Anglican Church aims to address longstanding challenges related to land ownership and ensure the protection of Church property against encroachment and fraud.

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