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Public Servants Warned Against Reserving Jobs for their Childen


Grace Mary Mugasa
PHOTO — X/Grace Mary Mugasa, State Minister for Public Service

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On Friday, March 08, 2024, the State Minister for Public Service issued a directive to district leaders, urging them to cease the practice of reserving job positions for their children who are still in school. Ms. Grace Mary Mugasa made this announcement during the Human Resource Managers Conference organized by the Human Resource Managers’ Association of Uganda, held in Mbarara District.

Ms. Mugasa emphasized that such irregular practices result in qualified citizens being denied employment opportunities. She expressed concern over reports indicating that some districts have experienced prolonged vacancies in departmental leadership roles, while others have individuals serving in acting capacities for extended periods, leading to challenges in service delivery.

Highlighting the regulations regarding acting positions, Ms. Mugasa clarified that individuals should serve in an acting capacity for a maximum of six months, renewable once for an additional 12 months. After this period, the position must be declared vacant if the acting officer is deemed unfit to assume the role permanently.

One of the key issues identified by Ms. Mugasa is the reluctance of some leaders to declare positions vacant, particularly when their children have not yet completed university education. She criticized the practice of prioritizing family members over qualified candidates, stating that it undermines meritocracy and fairness in the recruitment process.

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Furthermore, Ms. Mugasa addressed concerns regarding the government’s decision to halt recruitment activities pending a human resource audit. She assured that following the completion of the audit, investigations would be conducted to rectify any anomalies in recruitment processes. Additionally, individuals who have been serving in acting capacities will be considered for permanent positions based on merit.

In response to accusations of job hoarding and nepotism, the Sheema District Chairperson, Ms. Jemimah Buhanda, denied any wrongdoing, attributing the situation to inadequate wage bills and a recent ban on recruitment by the Public Service. However, Ms. Mugasa’s directive underscores the government’s commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in the employment sector, ensuring equal opportunities for all qualified individuals.

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