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Remy Ma Reflects on Female Rap Unity, Fans Question Timing


It’s been a few years since Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj were battling over wax so much so that they both have bigger fish to fry at the moment however the former believes that she was among the first to really introduce the concept of female rap

Unity with her 2017 set at the HOT 97 Summer Jam during that she invited multiple other female rappers to come out and perform Queen Latifah’s classic hit un andit however many fans didn’t really Vibe with this statement since the show was also heavily directed against Nikki herself in addition Queen did Unity

First as Remy literally proved by paying homage during this performance catfight every time you turn around Remy Ma’s remarks began about starting female rap Unity I feel like that’s something that when I first came home and I started recording again that I really aspired to be a part of and to

Make happen I kind of feel like it started when we did Summer Jam that year it was me Latifa light cardi young Ma Kim money love yoyo everybody Riga from all the different Generations the past the present and the future on the same stage fans question Remy Ma’s female rap Unity claims seek

Comments from there I feel like that kind of opened up the doors Remy Ma continued not just for the artists themselves but for people to see I feel like people didn’t know they could have this many people that they like at once time I even see it now even with some of

The fans because it used to be that everyone had their own fan base but now you see the fan bases combining you know it’s not just one or two anymore that’s kind of what we need because of what I’ve been saying for years before I got locked up before I

Went away yo it’s enough money regardless of the circumstances behind Summer Jam what do you think about these comments how do you think they fit into the current femc landscape of today especially as it relates to beef however you may feel let us know in the comments section down below

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