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Rubi Rose Stirs Controversy with Instagram Shots and Nicki Minaj Inspired Caption


Everyone continues to pile on Nicki Minaj for the viral diss track toward her female contemporary Megan the stallion the two have not been big fans of each other for some time now and it is really spiraling out of control right now it all went down this past weekend

When Megan returned with her highly anticipated follow-up to COBRA his Nikki quickly hit the recording booth to record Bigfoot many have maligned her for it including Ruby Rose the rapper model and fashion designer from Kentucky sent shots toward the queen of rap in an alleged Instagram post Rose said things

Like Nicki Minaj evil as F asterisk asterisk asterisk only option to marry was a p asterisk asterisk asterisk file B asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk evil pretty in the face but body botched as F asterisk asterisk asterisk evil spirit a asterisk asterisk B asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk old as F asterisk

Asterisk asterisk trying to keep up OIC really saved her big back self however Nikki’s passionate Barb swooped in to back up immediately they dug up old tweets from Ruby basically saying how much she idolized the Trinidadian Superstar Ruby Rose throws it back now Rose is continuing to confuse the barbs

And other music fans with a new set of thirst traps the pictures above show her showing off her assets with the last slide being a video of Ruby per forming and twerking but that is not why people are scratching their heads how she captioned the IG dump is the issue at hand she

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Calls back to Nikki’s iconic runchy verse from Big Sean’s Party Anthem Dance Ass remix Ruby writes kiss my asterisk asterisk if you hating kiss Mark cuz it’s finally famous it will be interesting to see if Minaj is cooking up one of her four new diss tracks for

Her in the coming days what are your thoughts on this latest set of thirst traps from Ruby Rose and the caption calling back to Nicki Minaj’s lyrics is she hating on Nikki or is she just trolling to get attention is Nikki deserving all the hate she’s getting from this beef with

Megan the stallion how will this all play out in the end we would like to hear what you have to say about all of this with that in mind be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section

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