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Scar Lip Live-Streams Apartment Eviction After Disappointing Encounter – The Hoima Post –


Scar Lip took to Instagram Live to document the eviction of a man from her apartment following a lackluster sexual encounter, leading to a heated argument between them.

In the Instagram Live session, the Bronx native verbally chastised the individual involved, concealing his identity. She emphasized that the eviction wasn’t due to a refusal to engage in future intimate encounters but rather stemmed from dissatisfaction with their recent encounter.

During the live stream, Scar Lip expressed her frustration, stating, “I didn’t say I’m not fcking you again. Why you still here? You’re leaving regardless; I’m not kicking you out… You’re crazy. Yo, this n-gga is fcking crazy.”

She went on to share details about the encounter that led to the eviction, revealing, “I’m mad because me and this n-gga in the bed, and this n-gga gonna nut like not even two minutes in, he put like two strokes in and he gon’ nut.”

Continuing her explanation, she expressed her disappointment, saying, “So I’m pissed off like why the fck you playing with me? Then the n-gga gon’ nut, and I’m like I’m done. He said, ‘Give me a hug if you love me.’ Why the fck you gonna nut that fast? Like I’m pissed off at you. You did not complete the mission. I’m pissed off you wasted my time.”

Scar Lip clarified on Instagram afterward that this incident involved someone she had dated in the past and might see again in the future. She dispelled the notion of it being a casual encounter, stating, “They gonna post a video of me kicking out my sneaky link. News flash y’all. I know this ain’t y’all business, but me and him got a video, and he got a video on his phone, and I’m scared if he sees that sh*t, he might expose me.”

Explaining the context further, she mentioned, “He was just wack; I was so tight too. This n-gga probably gonna come and talk his sht now… I know he is, and plus, we just broke up, so he wasn’t a sneaky link. That was my n-gga. We broke up for some things, and now this is all over the fcking media.”

Scar Lip defended her decision to go live during the altercation, stating, “Yes, I was Live, but that was like a month ago, and now this video is everywhere. Now I’m like how the fck is this video out like this? I said it on Live, so we got into a big-ass argument after that sht. So when I’m scared, I’ll go Live. I went Live because we were arguing. So I’m like if anything happens to me, n-gga, I’m on Live; you ain’t about to play with me like that. So I went Live to protect myself.”

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