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Six Suspects Escape from Custody in Alebtong


Police are searching for four suspects who escaped from lawful custody at Alebtong Central Police Station on Monday morning. They are part of the six suspects who escaped from custody.

The suspects are Denis Apita, Isaac Otim, Henry Okello, and Moses Ocen who were charged with theft and burglary while Emma Ocen was Ongom were facing defilement and cattle theft charges respectively. They allegedly dug a hole at the bottom of the Uniport where they were being detained to get out. Michael Anyiyira, a police officer at the station reported having heard unusual sounds from the uniport where the suspects were detained.

He, however, said when the officers went to check what it was, they saw the suspects running away and their attempts to stop them by firing bullets in the air to scare them did not yield any fruit. Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson confirmed the incident, saying that two out of the six suspects (names withheld) were later apprehended. “Upon search, two of the suspects were captured and brought back to the cell. A metal piece we suspect was used by suspects to dig an outlet on the floor has been recovered and exhibited as evidence.” He said.

He further confirmed the arrest of officers who were deployed on duty that night saying they will be charged with neglect of duty. He revealed that all local leaders from areas where the suspects come from have been Informed as efforts to have the escapees re-arrested are going on. A case of escape from lawful custody has been registered under Alebtong GEF 007/2024.


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