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Slim Jxmmi Accuses Baby Mother Of Domestic Violence, Leads To Arrest


Slim Jimmy recently ran into some relationship trouble this past January that hopefully has gotten better since although that’s unconfirmed moreover TMZ reports that law enforcement responded to a call at his dorl Florida home on January 22nd for a demestic disturbance according to a police report of the

Incident there the ray shmer rapper told officials that the mother of his child Kiera Danielson punched him in the face during a fiery disagreement apparently it’s started as a spat over social media activity that had him beckoning her to leave the house when Danielson refused the Mississippi

MC tossed her belongings out of the home and that’s when she allegedly attacked him three times however her sight of the story according to the police report is that she tried to film Slim Jimmy during this fight when he reached for it Kiara Danielson allegedly grazed his eye and

She accused him of grabbing her during the tussle while the kilo artist had a scratch on his face his his baby mama had no visible injuries as such police concluded that she instigated the altercation and arrested her for demestic violence Slim Jimmy performing at Coachella 2023 apparently this all went down just

A day after they had another big fight at Kiara danielson’s Miami apartment for this TMZ obtained footage of Slim Jimmy packing his bags at her place and taking all his stuff so something likely remained tense leading into the following day not only that but this follows an

Incident from almost 2 years ago in which Danielson accused him of domestic violence as well things seemingly patched up between them at least a little bit in the aftermath and it’s sad to see patterns revert like this meanwhile there’s also the shm for LIF Stars X key to consider who also accused


Him of abuse over the past few years these instances tell a pretty dark story when all put into context but it seems like things might pick up for him after this altercation something that everyone involved should learn from and grow

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