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Smart Wire Fik Gaza In Trouble as Sugar Mummy Accuses Him Of Theft

Local singer Fik Gaza has addressed allegations that he made off with his alleged ex-girlfriend’s properties worth Shs 50m. The singer called this woman a bitter sugar mummy who is chasing clout and is jealous.

Apparently, this lady who identified herself as Christine Sultan said that she met the singer through a mutual friend at a party. They connected instantly and Fik Gaza started living at her place.

He spent the first, second and third day and since she couldn’t chase him, she let him cohabit with her as girlfriend and boyfriend. However, things started getting worse as he started mistreating her.

The Banana singer would bring lots of his goons to their house in Buziga. On top of that, he started beating her and abusing her.

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According to this lady, she even had the singer’s pregnancy but she got a miscarriage due to the abuse. She decided to leave him in the house and rented another one in Luwafu.

The singer however blocked her and made off with her valuables such as phones, laptop, hard cash and other things. He blocked her everywhere and was not accessible. She said that even the boy the singer is always posing with in his songs is her son but with another man.

When the singer was contacted, he brushed off these allegations. Fik Gaza however did not deny knowing the lady. His argument was that she was a sugar mummy who is jealous and bitter that he left her. The singer advised her to go to the ghetto and look for another lover boy since she likes ghetto stuff.

On top of that, the singer denied being financed by this lady. He said that it’s his friends who inject money into his career by coming to his shows. Besides, sugar mummies are there to finance guys like him and when their value is over, they have to let go.

The singer said that he’s also not afraid of the police after being told that this lady filed a police case. He revealed that he has all the receipts to his household items and if this lady has any proof that he stole her things, he will be glad to show up.

Well, Fik Gaza is not the first musician to fall out with his sugar mummy. Several singers such as Grenade Official have in the past all been involved in bust-ups with their old female financiers.

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