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Soulja Boy Extends Olive Branch to Blueface, Offering Financial Support Amidst Legal Troubles


Soulja Boy has decided against continuing his beef with blue face offering to help out the embattled fiana rapper instead after previously threatening to send the booty Bandits to assault blueface in jail the crank that rapper took to his Instagram live on Saturday January 20th to make a

Different type of an offer I know what it feel like to be locked down in a jail cell he began you don’t know what’s going on on the outside ain’t nobody [ __ ] with you ain’t nobody putting money on your books I got $1,000 whoever knows somebody blueface

People somebody y’all hit me up I’m going to put $1,000 on that endos books Soulja Boy’s sudden about face may be due to blueface manager wack 100 calling him out for his most recent comments on Monday January 15th wack 100 took to social media to offer his thoughts on

The crank dad hitmaker being fixated on fighting his client who has much bigger problems as he was locked up for violating his probation with his release date being set for the summer at soldja boy you’re looking like a real real coward the entrepreneur wrote you didn’t have that energy when at blueface bbby

Was out he ain’t got long I am still here he’s still here we talked to you baby mama she said you call questioned her about getting hit and you ain’t answered her call since you ain’t gone just get that off go the other way before the week prior big Draco subliminally

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Trolled the thiana hitmaker during an Instagram live by saying that he can enjoy his freedom as a millionaire what would y’all rather be doing sitting in jail broke or free with millions of dollars he began while sparking up a blunt would y’all rather be rich with millions of dollars

Chilling doing whatever you want to do or would you rather be in jail broke going $14 million and getting sued come on there’s levels to this you don’t want no real smoke they going out sad about big Draco the 33-year-old made it clear that he wants to see blueface out of

Jail because he wants to brawl with the West Coast native hell no free that Enga so we could beat his ass he proclaimed we don’t wish jail on nobody I don’t wish jail on my worst enemy that [ __ ] was so lame bro let that en gu out so we can pow bow

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