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Soulja Boy Offers Unusual Apology Amidst Criticism for Offensive Remarks About Blueface’s Infant Son


Soulja Boy has responded to criticism of his graphic comments about blueface and krisan Rock’s infant son through a confusing apology the kiss me through the phone rapper went live on social media this past weekend after receiving push back for comments he made late last month about the four-month-old being

Ugly and soja who has been engaged in a feud with blue face dating back to a December argument over who would win in a verus battle asked his fans if he should apologize to blue face and Rock y’all think I should apologize to the Ops for talking about the kids

But I feel like they were talking about my kids first right he asked his live stream viewers I just feel like a Ena was talking about my kids first and they ain’t going to apologize to me for talking about my son I just felt like I did the just to respond to what

They said he wounded down by addressing kis indirectly saying I’m going to say it like this krisan I want to apologize to you but since your homie was talking crazy about my son I had to talk crazy about his son and I know he wouldn’t apologize to my baby mama for lying and

Talking crazy so I would say I’m sorry that you got caught in the middle of it we should leave that between me and him after going on to say that he had to be the bigger man in the conflict because he was too viral and too pretty he

Closed with it’s not an apology it’s just an understanding Soulja Boy’s original rant took place in late January during the social media stream he fired off a number of extremely vulgar insults directed at blueface and kisan as well as their infant child cian I’m a nut on

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Your face you look like your stink you little ugly snaggletooth autistic somebody tell krisan let me nut on that tattoo of her ugly ass man he said referencing the reality stars new face tattoo of her on again off again boyfriend I ain’t gone to lie that Enga

Looked like he got down syndrome he added turning his attention to Blue and Rock’s son that little ugly ass baby blue face want to talk about my son got me up that little ass baby he added I’m tired of seeing this little on my Instagram every day the baby

Blueface krisan all three of

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