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Ssenyonyi Urges Speaker to Address Accountability Concerns, Not Hide Behind Homosexuality Issue


Joel Ssenyonyi, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, has urged Speaker Anita Among to address accountability concerns raised by Ugandans instead of using the issue of homosexuality as a shield.

Ssenyonyi’s remarks come after Speaker Among stated her refusal to respond to rumors regarding her enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

“I will not dignify hearsay and rumors with a response. This house will not operate based on social media speculations. My stance against certain practices does not dictate my accountability,” Speaker Among emphasized.

Ssenyonyi pointed out that whenever accountability is demanded, homosexuality is often used as an excuse to deflect from addressing corruption and abuse of office allegations.

“Let’s prioritize accountability over scapegoating. Ugandans demand transparency regarding public funds, and using diversion tactics won’t suffice,” he asserted.

Ssenyonyi made these comments during today’s parliamentary session when questioning the Speaker about the institution’s silence on corruption allegations circulating on social media in recent months.

“The deafening silence from Parliament amid corruption allegations is concerning. As a people-centered institution, Parliament should provide clear explanations and be accountable to the citizens,” Ssenyonyi remarked.

On February 26, activists led by Professor Jim Spire Ssentongo initiated an online campaign, #UgandaParliamentExhibition, exposing corruption, nepotism, and mismanagement within the institution.

This exhibition revealed various issues, including the Speaker’s $4000 per diem expenses abroad, misuse of public resources for personal gain, and questionable financial transactions involving parliamentary staff.

On Wednesday, Former Kasese legislator Winnie Kiiza also called for a constitutional review to curb the powers of certain individuals and ensure accountability in Parliament.

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“We need constitutional amendments to ensure proper governance. Citizens must hold leaders accountable and elect individuals who prioritize public interests,” Kiiza emphasized.

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