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Stakeholders Encourage Ugandans to Embrace Technology


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Stakeholders in Uganda’s digital landscape emphasize the importance of embracing digital technology as a catalyst for the country’s development trajectory. During the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Nation Media Group-Uganda (NMG-U), YoTv, and MTN, key figures underscored the transformative potential of digitalization in shaping various aspects of Ugandan society.

Ms. Suzan Nsibirwa, the Managing Director of NMG-U, highlighted the ubiquity of mobile phones and their central role in people’s lives, asserting that embracing digitalization aligns with contemporary lifestyles. She emphasized the convenience and accessibility offered by portable devices, enabling individuals to access content anytime, anywhere.

The partnership between NMG-U, YoTv, and MTN aims to provide a comprehensive digital platform for NMG-U audiences, offering an enhanced viewing experience and facilitating seamless access to premium content. Ms. Nsibirwa emphasized the consolidation of resources to create a one-stop destination for audiences, promoting digital accessibility and audience engagement.

Mr. Aggrey Mugisha, CEO of YoTv, emphasized the partnership’s focus on promoting local content and supporting Uganda’s development agenda, particularly the Buy Uganda, Build Uganda (BUBU) initiative. By leveraging digital platforms, NMG-U and YoTv seek to amplify the visibility of Ugandan content and contribute to the growth of local industries.

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The collaboration between NMG-U and YoTv underscores the strategic alignment of their objectives, with a shared commitment to advancing digital access and promoting local content production. Through digital channels, NMG-U’s premium content will be seamlessly integrated with YoTv’s platform, expanding the reach and impact of Ugandan media offerings.

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The initiative to promote digitalization resonates with Uganda’s broader efforts to leverage technology for socioeconomic development. According to a report by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), both fixed and mobile telephone subscriptions have witnessed steady growth, reflecting increasing access to communication technologies across the country. Additionally, internet subscriptions have shown a similar upward trend, indicating expanding digital connectivity and opportunities for innovation.

As Uganda transitions towards a digital economy, initiatives like the partnership between NMG-U, YoTv, and MTN play a vital role in fostering digital inclusion and empowerment. By harnessing the transformative potential of technology, Uganda can unlock new avenues for economic growth, education, and social development, positioning itself as a leader in the digital landscape within the East African region.

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