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Suge Knight Alleges Andre Harrell and Russell Simmons’ Secret Relationship


Sug Knight claims that Diddy’s former Uptown records boss the late Andre harell was in a secret affair with Russell Simmons on a new episode of collect call was shg Knight that premiered on Sunday February 4th by a Dave May breakbeat media the former death Rome Mogul alleged that both businessmen were

Lovers and that Diddy went on to do the things he was recently accused of because of the time he spent around harell Andre harell and Russell Simmons everybody know he began they might not want to say it but they know they was lovers they participated in those types

Of things now once again a person has the right to be whatever they want to be but own it these men in the industry don’t consider they self gay they consider themselves messing with women but they really don’t like the women because they beat the out of them

He continued and they just believe that they’re having fun with each other so when you take Andre harell and Russell Simmons Uptown de Jam freaky Puffy get his intern stuff with Andre Harrell you know the answer already that started his journey puffy started some Journeys it’s not really good to name

Call but it got to stop but so I don’t get sued I got to use the word allegedly should Knight and Diddy have been longtime Rivals and this isn’t the first time that the former has taken a shot at his adversary on his podcast back in December the 58-year-old

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Shared a photo of him with Puff’s son Justin when he was a toddler the image is believed to have been taken during the height of the East Coast West Coast Feud also seen on the edge of the photo is Justin’s mother Misa Hilton who was a

Stylist for artists like Mary J blig and Lil Kim it was previously revealed by DJ Quick that she hung out with Knight and the death row crew on the night of the infamous 1995 Source Awards which is where the photo might have been taken during an appearance on the quest love

Supreme podcast in 2019 quick said we were there and shik had Misa come over Diddy’s baby mama a lot of people don’t know this I’m going Suge what are you doing like what the that’s Diddy’s baby mama she was just like hanging out what

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