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Sukihana’s Bold Red Carpet Look at the 66th GRAMMY Awards Divides Fan Opinion


The annual musical event of the Year took place over this past weekend and it brought out all the stars we are talking about the 66th installment of the Grammy Awards as all award shows do they provide headlines Galore For Better or Worse some of the biggest of the night

Especially on the hip-hop side of things include Killer Mike his evening went from triumphant to disastrous after he was arrested after nabbing three of the four categories for rap sukiana is also grabbing some attention but for all the wrong reasons red carpet looks always bring out the most weird and stunning

Designs some want to look elegant and others want to make statements sukiana certainly made the lad with her peekaboo black leather dress her cropped top also featured some sharp spikes and it caught the eye of fans Suki is a part of the new wave of Ratchet female rappers that make

Extremely explicit tracks about sex promiscuity drugs and violence fans are not feeling sukiana get up ratchet was just one description of her dress and fans were disappointed with her choice one person says y’all always screaming Unapologetic when there really should be some apologizing going on sleepy face another chimes in why do

Y’all embarrass y’all s in front of white people woman dark skin tone thumbs down medium light skin tone there were also a few people that came to her defense though but when Kim K do it it’s classy and iconic am I missing something here or we just putting down another

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Black woman what we do is not who we are there is certainly a debate to have so check out the questions below what are your thoughts on sana’s look for the red carpet at the 66th Grammy Awards do you think the fans are right that she dressed too

Inappropriately or is she allowed to wear what she wants who had the best outfit at the show last night and why we would like to hear what you have to say about all of this with that in mind be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comment section below

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