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Taylor Swift Catches Heat For Ignoring Celine Dion While Accepting Album Of The Year At The Grammys


Taylor Swift was easily one of the biggest stars at the Grammys last night overall it was a big night for her as she was nominated for a plethora of Awards in fact one award that she was up for was album of the Year her project midnights was filled with hits and while

Not everyone is a fan it certainly made its Mark in the end the album proved to be a winner as Seline Dion came out and presented Swift with her fourth aot award it was a huge moment especially considering Dion’s recent struggles for those who may not know the kaca legend

Has stiff person syndrome this is a terrible disease that can affect a person’s motor function there were reports that Dion was having some real trouble with moving around consequently many were surprised to see her at the Grammys after the show Swift got to take a picture with Dion and it was all very

Heartwarming unfortunately it was Swift’s reaction to winning album of the year that had the internet coming after her Seline Dion back on stage in the clip above Swift took the Grammy and didn’t really acknowledge seline’s presence nor did she mention the artist in Her speech this subsequently led to

All sorts of tweets dissing T Swift and some of them can be found below there was lots of talk about how swift was disrespectful to a legend however some of her fans were quick to point out that she was just overwhelmed in the moment additionally the photo she took with Seline afterward

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Just showcases that she does in fact acknowledge the legendary singer Taylor Swift catches Flack for being disrespectful let us know what you thought about this interaction in the comments section below do you agree with the haters or is this just a case of Taylor Swift derangement syndrome

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