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“The Kardashians” Drops First Trailer For Season 3


The Kardashians drops first trailer for season three foot the Kardashian family is nearly back on our screens with less than a month until the Kardashians season 3 drops on Hulu it’s been a little under six months since season two wrapped up but as the show recounts about a year at a time so

Much has happened in the lives of the world’s most famous family now fans have gotten their first Glimpse at the show as Hulu dropped an incredibly dramatic trailer for the season however while dramatic it is incredibly on point for the Kardashians there are tears surgery and drama stemming from every corner relationships

Are set to be a focal point of the Kardashians season 3. not that relationships have ever been sidelined in this show but a lot has happened in that area the trailer literally opens with Kim being reminded by producers that when the show left off she was still in a relationship with Kanye West

The Fallout of their divorce dominates heavily in the trailer while he doesn’t appear in the trailer does this possibly indicate that we will also be seen Pete Davidson other relationship drama stems from Chloe and her on and off partner Tristan Thompson season 3 will also be the debut of

Chloe’s son with Thompson who was born last year but there is also non-relationship drama Chloe Sports a facial bandage for most of the trailer indicating that the season will feature her surgery to remove a pre-cancerous melanoma the season was also filmed in the run-up to Courtney and Travis wedding which

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Spawns drama of its own there are accusations of Kim using the wedding to further her business interests and show up Courtney all of a sudden the Kardashians has some succession Vibes to it but there’s also an element of self-reflection the season promises a discussion of the effect the Kardashians have had on the

World and the way they don’t want their children to become them Hulu wants you to enter into season 3 expecting to see the family like you’ve never seen them before the Kardashians season three debuts on Hulu on May 25th

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