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The Politics Behind Among’s Loot of Public Funds – Part 2 – Hon. Anita Among’s Financial Affairs


Anita Among - Helicopter
Daraus Bahikire

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The recent revelation regarding the financial affairs of Hon. Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament, has raised questions about the timing of its disclosure. Initial sources presented evidence of questionable transactions as early as January 2023, yet the story only surfaced recently.

Reports indicate that bank statements belonging to Among’s personal assistant and bodyguard were brought to light over a year ago. These statements revealed a pattern wherein substantial sums of money were transferred from the account of the Ugandan Parliament to the personal account of Among’s PA at Stanbic Bank. Following these transfers, the funds would then be withdrawn in cash.

The apparent lack of oversight from the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) in permitting such transactions to occur has left many bewildered. The failure to detect and address these irregularities in a timely manner raises concerns about the efficacy of financial monitoring mechanisms within Uganda’s regulatory framework.

Moreover, a comprehensive inventory of properties acquired and transactions undertaken by Hon. Anita Among has emerged, shedding light on the scale of her financial activities. The list includes purchases of houses, renovations, constructions, and acquisitions of furniture, amounting to tens of millions of dollars over a span of two years.

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The delayed reporting of these findings begs the question of why it took so long for this information to come to light. Such a significant lapse in time raises suspicions regarding the transparency and accountability of both governmental and regulatory institutions tasked with overseeing public finances.

As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders are urged to scrutinize the circumstances surrounding the delayed disclosure of Hon. Anita Among’s financial affairs. The implications of this revelation extend beyond mere financial impropriety, touching upon broader issues of governance, accountability, and public trust.

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